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Welcome to Mia Chocolates!

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Welcome to Mia Chocolates!

Mia Chocolates is an organic manufacturer and distributor of the finest quality dark chocolate bars, bon bons, barks and brittles. Our chocolate line is both artisanal and handcrafted in small batches. We are located in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas and our brand fans include people who love good clean food and traceable ingredients.

You can find our products at local Austin businesses as well as online. We have a special online portal for boutiques and businesses who are interested in partnering with us to retail our products. Please contact us here and let us get to know you if you’re interested in that.

Mia Chocolates started with a vision to revolutionize the way people taste and experience not only the flavors but the health benefits of dark chocolate. That consciousness remains with us today in everything we do. We have special lines that include homeopathy for wellness and herbal support for various conditions.

One of our core values has been to cultivate strong relationships with the best organic farmers and manufactures in the world. Every year we purchase an increasing amount of our nuts, seeds, fruits and herbs directly from the farms and we continue to appreciate the power of these relationships to make our products traceable. The way we communicate with our farmers lets us preserve an integrity in the quality of our products and ensure fair business practices throughout the supply chain.

Our brand values are simple: clean conscious food and food production, environmental awareness and protection and the empowerment of everyone who comes in contact with us including our staff, our growers and you, our customer! Our customer is the most important person in our world. You are the reason for our work; It is our honor to serve you.
We believe it’s our job every day to make each aspect of your experience with us delightful.

We offer people who care about what’s in their food and where it comes from an exceptional value through unbeatable quality at prices that are fair both to the consumer and to the farmer. Our products are made without added oils or refined sugars. They are gluten free, preservative free and 100% organic.
Mia Chocolates works with only Organic products which are grown without synthetic pesticides, genetically modified organisms, or chemical fertilizers. This helps sustain biodiversity, conserves fresh water, and enhances the soil.

We’re continuously looking for better ways to protect the planet and the health and well being of everyone on it.