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Meet Austin based Founder & CEO of Mia Chocolates, a hand-crafted artisanal confections company focussed on changing the way we taste and experience chocolate. Anita’s passion for slow food blended with bright feminine creativity are redefining our expectations for chocolate.

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Founding Mia…

I am humbled and inspired to come to work every day. For many years it has been my passion to pursue a knowledge and education about food that would empower me to work with it in such a way as to heal, soothe and nurture others. Mia is my heart’s vision of perfection in a less than perfect world.

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On Chocolate…

Chocolate is the most magnificent of all foods. It’s properties are intense. The cacao plant itself is discerning about where and how it will grow. It’s determined, overcoming many difficulties. It is equally capable of thrilling us as it is of calming us and providing clarity. Anita Pluymen; Founder & CEO

Single-origin Chocolate

On Purity…

Making chocolate is both artistry and chemistry. At Mia our primary focus is on flavor. Like many foods, the taste of chocolate has changed as a result of changes in the way we grow food. This has greatly impacted how it tastes. We source growers who are committed to practices which produce cacao in the way it might have tasted 100 years ago.

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