Indian Summer


There is a moment of sweetness that comes at the tail end of a Texas Summer. Find it as you float down the Frio River, a brilliant hot sun blazing across an intensely blue sky, the freezing water a delicious counterbalance. Close your eyes as you lie back on your tube, and the sun creates a dancing cacophony of deep orange and brilliant copper behind your eyelids. Listen to the myriad of sounds enveloping you- the voices of family and friends, the murmur of the water, the quivering rustle of the long Cypress strands lining the river banks, and always the rustling call of the cicadas in the trees. And in that moment, realize that you are home on a cellular level.

Indian summer is a bright, warm chocolate created with a ganache of 75% dark chocolate and Tunisian bitter orange, layered with pecan fudge that has a bit of habanero. Deep notes of orange, with a bit of heat.


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