Know your food. Know your ingredients.



We believe chocolate should delight us body, mind and spirit. To that end we handcraft our organic artisan dark chocolates from fresh, all natural ingredients, prefer single origin chocolate-one variety of chocolate harvested in one region, use only organic, fair and direct trade cacao and source the freshest, most ethically and sustainable grown ingredients for our chocolates, buying locally whenever possible.



We believe in transforming simple, pure ingredients into food for your body, heart and mind so we slow cook our organic syrups from fresh fruits, candy our own citrus zests, never add artificial ingredients of any kind and strongly believe that fresh is best, so our chocolates contain no preservatives. Our chocolates are organic, non GMO, gluten free and preservative free.


Anita Pluymen has spent a lifetime creating food to nourish the body and feed the soul. Her views on food are simple – we should know what we’re eating and what it can do for us, and we should be able to implicitly trust in the ingredients of the food we eat. “What we put in our bodies determines how we feel - our health, our energy, our wellness, our balance. Food is a fundamental component of life. What we eat matters so much.”

Notes About Ordering

We work in single origin dark chocolate, handcrafted bonbons, barks, brittles and bars. Our creations are preservative and gluten free. Made from 100% organic ingredients, our chocolates make wonderful, deeply nurturing gifts for yourself and those you love.

Mia Chocolates is open Monday–Friday 8 am-3 pm for the moments you need to order chocolate. Our kitchen is closed on weekends and holidays so we can practice the balance we preach. We ship everywhere within the United States and offer local delivery within the Austin metro area. Please let us know if you have a special request by calling the kitchen directly at: 512.466.4817


Hi, I’m Anita, the founder and lead chocolatier at Mia Chocolates. I believe - I know - that food is love, and I consider myself deeply fortunate in my life’s work of creating food that heals, soothes and nurtures others. I have worked in and around food for more than 30 years and was lucky enough to discover that chocolate is my passion and favorite art form. I design my dark chocolates based on sensory memories. Embedded in each of Mia bonbons, barks, brittles and bars, is a story that reflects what it means to me to be human and to be alive. It is the journey of life expressed in flavor.


Our Core Vaules

🔸 We always start with fresh ingredients.

🔸 We’re dedicated to the ultimate traceability of every ingredient.

🔸 We make all of our chocolates with the purest organic ingredients available.

🔸 We use only organic, fair trade and direct trade chocolate.

🔸 We source ingredients locally whenever possible.