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Morrison Street


Indian Summer

Tunisian Orange Ganache & Spiced Pecan Fudge

Midnight In Portland

Coconut In Almond Cream & Bits Of Ginger & Apricot

Moon River

Lemon, Raspberry & Fig Ganache With Flecks of Apricot

Slow Dance

Mocha Caramel & Spiced Hazelnut Praline

Snow Flower

Chai Infused Dulce De Leche & Spiced Pecan Praline

Happiness Bark

Intense Dominican Republic Chocolate With Ginger, Cranberry & Walnut

Vibrancy Bark

Bright Peppermint & Orange With Hazelnut & Crisped Rice

 Blood Orange Olive Oil & Coffee Break Dark Chocolate Bars

We partner with our friends at Con'Olio Oils and Vinegars to bring you the Blood Orange Olive Oil Dark Chocolate Bar. With or without pistachios to suit your crunching pleasure.

Coffee Break Bar is a deep Dominican Republic 70% dark chocolate finished with salted hazelnut toffee.

Workday & After Workday Dark Chocolate Bars

Workday Bar is a freshly bittersweet Peruvian 70% dark chocolate finished with alder smoked salt.

After Workday Bar is a cheerful Dominican Republic 70% dark chocolate with bright notes of hops & ginger.